The Company  is skilled in services for sculpture, architectural-design and design.

It combines the most modern techniques for the marble and stone manufacturing with the classic processes of artistic work.

In this contest is born “Pemart”, a workshop, a Studio, an Atelier, where the most fantastic works born, where marble becomes alive matter of dreams and where it makes eternal artist’s fantasies.

It is able to offer a complete support to its clients in the making of their works with an expert staff.


From tradition to innovation


Creation of clay and gypsum design
Digital modeling of the works
Tridimensional scanning of works and manufactures for digital duplication and record keeping
Milling by anthropomorphous robot Kuka.
Milling of digital models given by the client.
Gloss finish by expert staff.

A tale proposito nasce “Marmonìa”, un laboratorio, uno studio, un piccolo atelier, dove nascono le opere più grandi, dove il marmo si fa materia viva di sogni e rende tangibili ed eterne le fantasie degli artisti.