The quarry

The quarry called “QUERCIOLA”, has very ancient origins and it is famous  for the typology of the extracted  material: standard, good-quality and good-hardness.The colour of the material  is pearl-white with light grey veins. The open-space quarry’s area, of about 900 m high, covers a surface of 28.000 s/m, and a monthly production of about 4.000 tons. The extracted material (over 80% White Carrara type “C”), due to its clarity of base and particular resistence, is among the most suitable for sculpture, design and furniture. It is available in blocks or in cut to size finished products for industrial use. The quarry was acquired at yhe end of 50’, and over the years has expanded with the acquisition of new properties, making it now one of the most important quarries both in size and quality of material.